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This is Penang (2020)

Penang has always been one of the preferred travel destination, domestically or internationally. This is Penang is crafted to showcase the interesting travel destination that encompasses nature, heritage, food, art and adventure.

Sneak peek of AYE: Across Sarawak and Scotland (2020)

“My first solo exhibition will be my own way of introducing myself through the means of textile. I believe that every single person has their own unique connection to textile…”
AYE! Here’s a sneak peek of Iona Danald’s upcoming solo exhibition.

George Town Literary Festival 2022 Fesitval Wrap Up (2022)

GTLF2022 explores the complex relationship between Wilderness and Human Nature. We look at the ways in which Wilderness has shaped the creative power of our imagination. We also consider the dark side of human nature — our propensity for violence, brute power, war, and the destruction of the natural world.

Penang International Travel Exchange(2022)

PITE 2022 is a homegrown travel tradeshow that welcomes buyers and exhibitors for the fifth year in an effort to showcase Penang as the premier Business Events and Travel Destination in Asia Pacific.

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